Basic en


“… a pair of scissors to carve out my space in the world”

Theory and practice on style cutting principles, how to build a shape, how to choose a technique instead of another . The aim is to provide essential tools to be able to create individual looks starting from the basics, a step by step from consultation with client up to the most suitable finishing product to apply on her look . This means having always a more professional team to increase salon productivity .You will have clear in mind how important it is to develop shared knowledge and make the most out of your team in every organizational process of your salon business.”



“… sometimes words are not enough, and then you need colors”

Pure theory of color and its application, basic rules of colorimetry, knowledge of ingredients and dynamics of chemical coloring with an eye to the importance of using specific products to enhance color performance. An educational journey that aims at training salon staff to a new business opportunity for their salon through primary knowledge of coloring.



“… all a man can do! ”

A training course providing basic knowledge on men’s hair look. From cutting techniques on long hair to clipper’s haircuts and scissor over comb fades: a mix of information and basic knowledge which will be part of salon staff cultural background throughout their career , a set of skills that will make them feel confident to achieve any look and change of style. A 360 ° look at the clients ‘ needs to guarantee their satisfaction and so bind them to your salon.