Management en


“….the secret to winning is constant, consistent management!”

Today, salon activity requires strong organization and responsible, fast and streamlined management that does not neglect the quality of services and above all customer satisfaction. Times are constantly changing and it is vital for a company to be equally versatile and up to date with changes. This obviously also requires human resources ready for all this and keen on personal and professional growth. The aim of this course is to build the foundations for your salon future, to make sure that everyone works in the same way and above all in the same direction in order to achieve the maximum possible profit by following smart rules.


“…management is nothing more than motivating other people!”

A deep knowledge of management and fiscal aspects of your business is key to be successful. Correct staff management, employee productivity awareness, costs impact analysis and incentive techniques for your team, together with basic knowledge on tax issues (VAT, hiring regulations, sector studies) allow you to be a skilled business manager and an industry leader.