The Lord

True Elegantia is the inner resonance of a great soul, capable of consecrating any personality in his originality. The man who wants to call himself “ Elegant “ needs to discover his essence by seeking his uniqueness also through flaws and faults.

• Energizing Scrub
• Sensitive Scrub
• Detox Scrub
• Hair & Beard Shampoo

• Shaving Cream Gel
• Beard Tonic

The Doll

The Doll professional products are formulated with natural plant ingredients. Products designed to restore health and beauty to your hair.

• Smooth
• Precious
• Volume
• Lovely
• Curly

The Evergreen

Our “evergreen” products, part of the wide range of Kapera , forerunners of the latest The Lord and The Doll lines.

Colour Progect:
• Kolor Oil
• Equa

• Matt Wax
• Shine Wax
• Curly Joy
• Kovers

The Care

It actively contributes to hand sanitation in a fast and practical way. To be used several times during the day by applying directly to the hands and massaging them for about 20/30 seconds.

• Hand Sanitizer