Its purpose? To examine and solve the difficulties of the activities by providing valid answers and suitable solutions. Whoever has a business needs someone who can give him advices and / or a guide to increase efficiency, productivity and profits. We’ll take care of this, accompanying you step by step in the wonderful world of business.


Strategies, methodologies and communication and promotion strategies, care of the corporate image, promotional and emotional initiatives to improve brand awareness and brand reputation. Moreover, how to create and manage performing adv campaigns from scratch, coordination of communication of all manned channels and identification of the main marketing goals of the company.


Management, financial, commercial and work consultancies for companies, professionals, associations and public and private institutions, with a particular specialization in the hairdressing sector. A key figure who helps through targeted and strategic consultancies and by providing the resources, tools and indications needed to be successful and to achieve the set targets.


“A strategic need for business success”. The management of your social channels is a job that must be done with perseverance and professionalism. The definition of goals, the creation of your own audience, the competitor analysis and the planning of a content calendar are just some of the essential aspects that must be taken care of and studied for a successful profile that presents and reflects the company appropriately.”


An essential system that automates the management processes within the salon in order to simplify work and make it more efficient. It is ideal for all types of businesses that have administrative, commercial and production needs.